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Responsive & flexible

Development & UX

Our creative & technical talent is best displayed in our breathtaking websites that find the perfect blend of form and function.

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A full-cycle approach through every step of our tested development process.

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    WordPress Websites & Software
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    eCommerce Websites
  • Icon for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) research; a computer with a head and a brain with thoughts coming in
    UX & UI Research
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    Consulting & Training
Line art for Perfect Afternoon
Perfect Afternoon Service Web Development Logo

We live and breathe web

We’ve been around for a while, meaning before smartphones, SEO, and responsive websites. With this perspective on the industry, we’ve been able to react and adapt to the ebb and flow of the ever-evolving web. Tact and knowledge (with just the right amount of pizzazz) bolstered by our experience continue to propel us forward.

Building websites is our passion

There’s something about an engaging website that makes you stand out from the crowd. Creating a unique presence built to embody a digital extension of your brand is something you can’t get just anywhere.

We take our craft seriously, ensuring we use the best practices with cutting-edge design for any market. We’ve built for almost every industry, from construction, manufacturing, and industrial to medical, entertainment, community organizations, and more.

Whatever your need, we have you covered

And it doesn’t stop there. Whether you need a robust eCommerce site, custom software, or a beautiful new brand experience, we have you covered. Our crew gives it their all to make the website of your dreams a reality. We’re excited to create our next masterpiece.

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100% of our websites

are built in WordPress, a flexible CMS, so you can easily edit or add to your website in the future.

Website development like no other

Work with a partner that navigates your web success from every angle

With WordPress as our guiding star, we can’t wait to walk this path from your current web presence (even if that’s nothing at all) to the top of the proverbial mountain of digital greatness or the top of the search results page.

Working with websites means made-to-build configurators, advanced eCommerce tactics, and incredible branded experiences. We have a few mainstays we live by:

  • Quick website load speed on mobile and desktop
  • Completely responsive
  • Developed with SEO best practices in mind
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Crafting the invisible experience

When browsing a website often, there will be a thoughtful interaction or guided walkthrough that makes you enjoy your time spent more than usual. The culprit for that little smile as you’re browsing is likely good UX, otherwise known as user experience. 

This is a data and human-driven approach to designing user interfaces (UI), such as websites, apps, and software. Good UX is practically invisible by providing a seamless, intuitive experience. In contrast, bad UX is too noticeable through poor usabilities, like confusing navigation and rage-inducing elements that become glaring on a website or app.

The Importance of UX Testing
  • 54.8

    All web traffic that is mobile

  • 42

    Users that leave sites with poor usability

  • 60

    Users that find eCommerce usability vital

Source: HubSpot's 25+ Web Design Statistics that Are Essential to Know in 2022

UX/UI Research

If you care about your users, you likely want them to have the best experience when using your website. However, that is much easier said than done since “providing a good experience” can seem abstract when looking at its face value. 

That is why we take an approach that consults multiple sources of user data to help us identify what’s working, where there are obstacles, and what might be missed entirely as something crucial on the website. 

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We use a few powerful tools to harness this information

  • Curated user testing
  • Heat mapping
  • Site recordings
  • Google Analytics

These allow us different viewpoints of the site at varying degrees of intensity, whereas the curated testing will enable us to get hyper-specific about a particular feature or function, and the analytics and heatmaps give us a birds-eye view of user behavior. This gives us a more holistic view of common hangups and obstacles in user experience.

UI Design

UI design is what the user sees and interacts with when they land on your website. It’s vital to the user’s experience and should be something that works so well that your users aren’t even thinking about it. They just engage with it naturally. Not only should it be intuitive but also expressive of the brand it represents.

Coupled with preliminary UX research and testing, the UI of your website is supercharged with logical reasoning that helps guide your users to the most critical information. This allows us to make informed decisions about website goals while balancing that with an on-brand, aesthetic touch.

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