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A Labor Union To Protect & Serve

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The Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) is a full-service labor organization representing Michigan’s law enforcement officials.

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POAM was founded in 1969 to help law enforcement officials bargain their employment rights. In the years since its founding, POAM’s representation has spread throughout the state to advocate for the rights and safety of its members. From lobbying in Lansing to legally representing their members, POAM works diligently to uphold the interests of its members. Their strong dedication, bipartisanship, and proven track record have made POAM Michigan’s largest police union for the past 50+ years. 

In the mid-2000s, POAM had a lackluster website. The smallest updates took time (with a little keyboard mashing). Our relationship began in 2008 with a need for a digital presence their community could engage with and access hot-button issues — naturally, this started with a website rebuild.

Our work with our partners, especially POAM, goes beyond providing a finished deliverable – we are invested in our partner’s success. This has given us a chance for our relationship to grow and accommodate their evolving needs that have ebbed and flowed over the years.

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Over a Decade Of Growth

POAM saw the need to modernize their digital platform and relied on us to make it happen. For POAM’s news and events, users could access critical information from a computer rather than slowly relaying information from second-hand sources – think quarterly leaflets in your mailbox or Bob’s long-winded retelling of a meeting from two months ago. 

From a simple, brochure website, a robust branded web resource was born and housing more information, news, and essential content. Since that first iteration, we have launched 5 new websites together and look forward to many more. This allows POAM to stay updated with the latest and greatest technologies and provides the most helpful platform for its members. 

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We’re proud of our online presence now. Our members and non-members rely on our website because it’s so current and newsworthy, and they’re able to find what they need because it’s easy to navigate.

Jim Tignanelli, President
POAM Labor Union members and officials

The Event of the Year 

As POAM relied on us more and more, they saw an opportunity for us to support their various needs for their Annual Convention. This has taken the form of our team helping sign up members at the convention for their Mobile App, and creating custom print designs for schedules, backdrops, and photography for awardees and board members. We also supported web projects and advertising to ramp up before the annual convention. This is just a small example of how we go the extra mile to help our partners however they may need it. 

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