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Cotterman Company

Creating A Safer Workplace

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Meet Cotterman Company

Creating safe workplaces through products like rolling ladders and conveyor parts across multiple brands and eCommerce websites.

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Established in 1925 and best known for the rolling steel ladder, Cotterman Company is a trusted name in the industrial and commercial industries.

They stand by their quality and workmanship to keep companies and workers safe with their variety of products that help with OSHA compliance and create a reliable resource for niche industrial parts.

Over the years, Material Controls (MATCO) acquired Cotterman Company, and continued on with two other logical additions: Safety Controls, the source for quality American-made worksite safety products, and Conveyor Components Company (CCC), an industry leader for conveyor safety replacement parts.

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"Their advice is valuable, so listen to them"
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    Cotterman Store Increase in sales

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    Safety Controls Increase in Sales

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    CCC Increase in Engagement Time

Continuing on to greater heights 

With our new partner established, we began to improve upon the Cotterman’s other entities. They had big goals, and we had the strategies to get them there. With multiple website builds, continued maintenance, and SEO work, our relationship has flourished into years of growth and success. 

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Conveyor Components Company website on iPhone

Cotterman Store

With the build for CCC squared away, their next goal was creating an eCommerce site where they could sell their products. Thus, Cotterman Store was born. This was an extension of the Cotterman brand store which we also help maintain. 

Material Controls (MATCO) 

Their parent company, Material Controls, was soon rebuilt by our team. The main component was a simple product display and quote capture to give the brand an online presence. 

Safety Controls

We were soon tasked with creating another eCommerce solution for their safety products that offered faster shipping times. This site has since become a huge success, surpassing its sales goals in the first year. 

Conveyor Components Company (CCC) 

That site that started it all? We rebuilt it with a full UX evaluation and upgraded design to stand out from the competition, with a robust product architecture and relationship models. 

Howdy Partner!

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