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Gougeon Brothers

Chemistry Between Sailing and Science

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Shining Wood after Epoxy applied

Meet Gougeon Brothers

An eco-friendly epoxy resin company with multiple subsidiaries making things better for makers internationally.

Gougeon Logo

West Systems Website Rebuild

With a love of boat building and an interest in repair, the Gougeon Brothers embarked on their mission to find an adhesive that could make joinery a breeze. With the emerging technology of epoxies in the 60s, they found the spark that ignited their product for WEST SYSTEM epoxy as they went on to perfect their formula. They’ve gone on to be an internationally renowned company for marine epoxy and tools.

In 2018, Gougeon Brothers acquired the environmentally-sustainable resin company, Entropy Resins. The founders of Entropy were inspired by the chemistry of Mother Nature and created Super Sap®, a bio-based epoxy that is plant-based versus petroleum-based epoxy. Now under the Gougeon name, they have made waves sea to sea, entering the world stage and practicing sustainability without compromise. All thanks to a little green chemistry practice and teamwork. They’ve gone on to also acquire Wessex Resins, as well in Europe. 

As the acquisition was underway, we were referred to Entropy Resins by one of their employees, whom we had worked with before, that knew we could make them stand out on the web. 

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“Their communication is awesome.”
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Perfect Afternoon Joins the Chat 

Gougeon trusted us to go the extra mile with our services and bring new ideas to the table for their website and beyond. It required an edgy and sporty look, while also integrating a European eCommerce entity. 

We happily took on the task of building organic and paid awareness for the brand. We overhauled their advertising account and focused on capturing qualified traffic to their website for specific products with targeted SEO tactics. From this, we saw significant improvements in sales and brand awareness across all channels. 

Entropy’s Rise & Reskin 

Over the years, we have worked together on various campaigns like Earth Day sales, an influencer partner program, and product specific pushes. Entropy wanted a visual pivot and relied on us to craft a new presence that focused on a clean, sustainable look. 

Embarking on WEST SYSTEM

With our success on Entropy, we were asked to embark on a full UX investigation and rebuild of their founding product’s website: WEST SYSTEM. This is their anchor brand, so entrusting it to us was a compliment in and of itself. We were able to suss out a number of usability issues and provide a design and tactics to address them, including a custom product selection guide. 

WEST SYSTEM website images

Setting  Sail 

We’ve continued on together with even greater things on the horizon and look forward to every new idea and project they throw at us! 

Completed Projects

We’ve done quite a bit together over the years. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Entropy Resins Website Rebuild & Reskin 
  • Website Maintenance & Custom Page Design 
    • Digital Marketing Google Ads 
    • SEO 
  • West System UX Research 
  • West System Website Rebuild 

See the Projects We’ve Completed With Gougeon Brothers

Website Rebuild for a Sustainable Epoxy Company

Entropy Resins

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