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Woody's Traction

A website inspired by traction, fueled by action

Woody’s Traction has cleared the way as the snowmobile industry’s premier producer of traction products.

Born to Ride

Founded in 1968, Woody’s grew from an invention that proved to be a game-changer for the snowmobile community: snowmobile studs.

Since the rise in interest the snowmobile industry experienced in the late 1960s, Woody’s has grown into a sizable, family-owned business. They’ve championed the motorsports community, becoming a top choice for enthusiasts and racers who want the best traction performance and safety.

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  • Increase in pages visited per session

  • Increase in average session duration

  • Decrease in bounce rate

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They are creative, motivated, passionate, prompt to respond/assist, highly professional, affordable, and an absolute joy to work with.

Woody's Creative Director

A website for traction, fueled by action

Woody’s sought to have a website that could be maintained by their team while leveraging an agency’s experience to supercharge usability, architect robust functionality, and design dynamic visuals. Perfect Afternoon was able to partner with Woody’s higher quality artisanship and a team to be engaged and invested in their project after they faced roadbumps in their journey to a new website. 

Eager to forge a mutualistic partnership, we made a list of ideas and solutions to make their vision a reality by uncovering user needs,  crafting a fresh and exciting design, and strengthening their product and hook-up guide integrations to provide a branded, cohesive meld of Woody’s professionalism, product offerings, and features.

Woody's Traction on an iPad

Off to the races

Our creative team performed user experience testing to understand better the needs of the typical user within the existing website. This data provided us with direction on how to structure the hookup experience optimally, better list and position navigational elements and calls-to-action, and better structure and tie information together sitewide for a more streamlined experience.

The Road to the Build

With a sound understanding of the user journey and needs, we moved into the aesthetic treatment of the site. Borrowing shadow treatments and text styles from their brand book, the website took on a cutting-edge, cohesive look.

The home page incorporates unique styling that gives a dynamic motorsports feel that continues throughout the whole site. Along with carefully structuring the menu, dropdowns were given supporting images to give each item a visual identity and prominent CTA buttons to guide users.

The Sum of Many Parts

Woody’s wanted to  update their Hook-Up Guide for better usability and to match the look and feel of the redesign. This guide is essential to match the right studs and runners to snowmobiles for trail and competition riding. The trust and responsibility placed in our development team was evident because if the Hook-Up Guide recommends the wrong parts for a snowmobile, it could put riders’ lives in danger. 

We also updated the Tech Tips section. This provides critical safety information so a customer can purchase the correct parts for their snowmobile. With individual PDF files, customers can download the specific information they need for each type of part Woody’s offers.

Woody's Traction Laptop Website
Woody's Traction website usage with Crazy Egg heat mapping data

UX Testing

Woody’s customers, professional, hobbyist riders and dealers alike, underwent a series of tasks that allowed the PA team to gain insightful knowledge on areas of focus for the design and build.

  • Analytics
  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings
  • Curated User Testing

Woody’s has become a valued partner as we continue to

support them

as they evolve.

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