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ThirdPhase Processors

Raking In the Green

ThirdPhase Processors provides cannabis retailers with a simple solution for payment processing. Providing a way for customers pay with card, this is a new, long-awaited practice that was not commonly available at dispensaries.

While, they creating a better experience for everyone involved, they also are raising awareness about their industry-disrupting service.

It’s Not a Phase. It’s ThirdPhase.

Payment processing in the cannabis industry can be downright tricky due to varying regulations. From clunky ATMs taking up space to long-term contracts with hidden fees, ThirdPhase Processors sought to solve these retailers’ payment difficulties.

With a modern payment solution and experience in the debit card processing industry, cannabis dispensaries and businesses can process transactions with debit cards, set up with a cannabis-friendly bank, and have a customer-friendly experience thanks to ThirdPhase.

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Their management style was what any busy executive was looking for.

Paul Lesser, CEO

A Budding Relationship

ThirdPhase wanted maximum visibility of their solution. They needed more targeted optimization and informational content to rank on search engines, and our team guided them in the right direction. Our solution included SEO and paid advertising to improve visibility in search engines. Comparing target keywords to their competitors, we carefully curated and pinpointed the content we needed to rank ThirdPhase in search engines. 

We also agreed to maintain their previous drag-and-drop website to get our marketing efforts rolling. As we continued to optimize, we hit a point where a website rebuild became less of an option and more of a necessity. Between website speed and responsiveness issues that negatively impacted users and an increasing bounce rate, it was finally time to rebuild the website correctly.

Getting the Rebuild Green Light

With the approval of the rebuild, we had the opportunity to give the brand a facelift. Our design team defined a new direction to breathe fresh life into the brand and better reflect ThirdPhase. With the shift from dark brand elements to a bright and clean UI, the website exuded playful professionalism. 

The new design perfectly balanced cannabis-related imagery without feeling overdone or too forward. We enhanced the visual presence of the website, coupling images with fun line work, pops of color, and illustrations to infuse personality into the brand. The overall look and feel radiated the air of a financial institution that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb amongst the cannabis community.

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ThirdPhase Processors cannabis payment processing terminal

Sowing Fresh Content

In the meantime, our marketing team was hard at work writing up the content, carefully considering the best tone and voice of the brand. This resulted in curated content that spoke directly to the customer’s needs and targeted essential keywords. We conducted product photography of the processing terminals used, curated for each page by our team, so the final product of that content was highly cohesive and brand-specific.

Website landing page for ThirdPhase Processors comparison with their competitors

Elevating to Higher Levels

The homepage features an illustrated walkthrough of the perks of working with ThirdPhase and a dynamic testimonials slider, while internal pages feature modular layouts with custom card and row divider styles. 

Rather than searching for contact information, the website features a click-to-call button in the navigation that follows users while they browse and creates an easy-to-see contact option on each page. 

Phases of a Partnership

After we launched the website build, we’ve maintained our partnership with ThirdPhase as they make strides in the cannabis payment processing sector. From their first impression to their future, they have trusted us for each new phase their business takes them, and we look forward to more collaborations with them throughout our partnership. 

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