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Featured image for Tequila Cabresto, showing their Anejo Tequila with the background image of a man harvesting agave. | Tequila Cabresto Brand Book

Cabresto Tequila logo

Tequila Cabresto

Branding & Promotion for Good Spirits

Born and bottled in Jalisco, Mexico, sipped in Southwest Detroit and beyond is the excellent family-made spirit, Tequila Cabresto! The company produces small-batch, high-quality, estate-grown tequila for enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and craft cocktail specialists in their ancestral land.

It’s Tequila Time!

Focused on family, tradition, and quality, Tequila Cabresto came for help to connect with their audience authentically and meaningfully. Whereas most tequila brands spend big money on their marketing department and bottle designs, the brand wanted the tequila to do all the talking, engaging with their audience where they are at, online.

Their goal was to transform non-tequila drinkers into (responsible) tequila lovers by educating them on the process, taste, and quality, all while building a legacy to honor their culture and heritage. We developed the following services to grow their brand with a brand book, social media management, and paid advertising.

Tequila Cabresto mockup, featuring the logo opening section. Created by Perfect Afternoon.
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The team highly met expectations. They came through on the projects we’ve given them. They’ve also been very good at working within our budget. They carried out the vision we have for our brand.

Sonia Lopez, Vice President of Cabresto

Breaking Ground

With a website and social presence available, conveying their main goal across all platforms was vital.

Brand Audit

Our well-seasoned team identified pieces of their business to create the brand they dreamed of. The audit allowed us to dive deeply into the brand, assess and gain insights into the audience, and get our marketing wheels spinning to suggest strategies for success.

Brand Homework

You read that right. We assigned homework. Sometimes, writing out thoughts is easier than a call or meeting. We gave them a series of open-ended questions to get the inside scoop of Tequila Cabresto, and boy, did they deliver. Some of the questions included:

  • “What emotion do you want to invoke when thinking of the brand?”
  • “How do you distill your tequila? Can you compare it to how other known brands distill theirs?”

This allowed us to create informed content and act as a brand representative. Take it from us, you can’t appropriately market a brand unless you’re deeply invested and know the brand from the inside out.

The Brand Book

Tequila Cabresto brand book final spread, featuring their logo usage. Created by Perfect Afternoon.

Using the agave plant as our inspiration, we crafted a color graphic to support the use of colors throughout the brand. Well balanced and rich, we also solidified the palette and gave the colors proper names that make reference to their core identity.

Tequila Cabresto brand book final spread of the product & branding section. Created by Perfect Afternoon.

We instilled the section title spreads with large images in a sepia tone that reinforced the family values of the brand. This added an emotional quality and candor to the book that reminds the reader of who Cabresto is at their core.

Tequila Cabresto brand book final spread, featuring color palette for each product. Created by Perfect Afternoon.

Each of the types of tequila all carry their own unique palette and label. We carved out an area to highlight this to ensure that it is always consistent and easily referenced when creating promotional material for a singular variety of tequila.

Tequila Cabresto brand book final spread, featuring logo placement. Created by Perfect Afternoon.

Outlining the use cases for Tequila Cabresto’s different logo variations was key in ensuring the proper implementation of the logo across a plethora of different applications.

Tequila Cabresto brand book final spread, featuring their mission & vision. Created by Perfect Afternoon.

We helped put to words the core of what makes Tequila Cabresto who they are. With a clear Mission, Vision, and more brand tenets carved out, it is easier to put forth intention behind different initiatives and how to talk about it.

Social Media Management

With the brand established and a social strategy in place, we created monthly calendars catered to their needs and audience’s interests. The main strategy was proactively maintaining and increasing their online presence. We created graphics, copy, and asset curation for Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram.

For a small business, establishing brand awareness is key to growing a positive reputation within the online community. Nurturing connections with restaurants, vendors, and tequila drinkers online helped transcend a relationship offline into the real world; other users sought out Tequila Cabresto in stores and at restaurants after seeing other consumers enjoying it.

Tequila Cabresto showing social media graphics showcasing their products.
5 social images created for Tequila Cabresto social media story.

Custom Social Link

Another facet of digital outreach was converting social media followers into qualified leads and potential consumers. With more and more people using social media as a search engine to discover new brands and products, we leaned into this and expanded past the brand’s social media presence.

We created a custom landing page with call-to-action buttons featuring links to a locator map, online sales lead form, and more. This created accessible links so followers can continue their journey on social media and convert.

Line artwork for Perfect Afternoon
Tequila Cabresto brand book created by Perfect Afternoon agency. | Tequila Cabresto Brand Book

Paid Advertising

Tequila Cabresto isn’t just for sipping at home but at local eateries and on the shelves of stores near you. Without the backing of a large distributor, the brand works hard to pitch its spirits to restaurants and stores. We picked up some legwork through digital outreach. With the help of targeted ads, we drove additional brand awareness and website traffic for new users to learn about the brand.


Cheers to Taste

With the foundation laid, the Tequila Cabresto team can promote their four tequilas through their online marketing channels. Next time you’re in a Michigan retailer or restaurant, ask your server for Tequila Cabresto.

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