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Speech Therapy Plans

Reclaiming SLPs' Valuable Time

Merging a powerful caseload management system with a welcoming UI, Speech Therapy Plans allows Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) to regain control of their workload.

Taking the Next Step Together

Speech Therapy Plans initially came to us in need of emergency maintenance on their buggy website, stopping SLPs from accessing the information needed for their sessions. After months of attempted improvements on that build, we agreed that it was time for a significant change: a brand new website and dashboard hosted on a dedicated, HIPAA-compliant server.

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They genuinely seemed to care about my site. It wasn’t just a project for them or a source of income. They always had ideas for how to make it better. They put their hearts into their work.

Jennifer Bradley, Founder, Speech Therapy Plans

Working Better Together

So we got to work, scoping out a new, robust site and software that would come to life in the coming months. We worked hand in hand with our partner to define all of the features that were vital to the project and feel out the proper design aesthetic that could take it to the next level.

While working on the design, there was a close collaboration between our internal teams to ensure everything would work as intended and include all of the promised features. Where necessary, we created wireframes to guide our development team to the visual goal properly.

Defining the Look

Before digging into the build, we created several dashboard views and a home page design that uplifted the brand in a fresh, yet familiar way that feels professional and fun: a true reflection of  our partner’s personality. 

We ensured the homepage design adequately explained the product’s positives, highlighting a walkthrough of the software’s benefits to ensure a clear understanding as the user scrolls through pages.

Speech Therapy Plans website home page
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Clay laptop computer mockup with Speech Therapy Plans' website

The Build Begins

As the real development work started, so did the orchestration of something both easily accessible and complex functionally. Our usage of Laravel was critical — the framework allowed us to tap into eloquent database models and relationship-building capabilities that enabled us to adequately interconnect all data points amongst students, events, and goals and properly presented them back to the SLP in a concise dashboard interface.

A Dashboard To Simplify

Speech Therapy Plans dashboard with Course Load, Pre-Made Plan of the Month, and New Materials

We loaded the home dashboard with the most vital functions and made it so users can navigate where they need to.

Speech Therapy Plans caseload, showing the student plans

The caseload page is a comprehensive overview of students, with much of the information assigned to them visible without clicking.

Speech Therapy Plans monthly plans with Pre-Made lessons

A quick hub for SLPs to find lessons organized by grade, skill, and season. They can also view it in monthly formats as a whole lesson plan.

Speech Therapy Plans Material Library highlighting the filters available for viewing

A robust filter system finds relevant content based on the student’s disability, grade, assignments, and more.

An user on Speech Therapy Plans website creating an event in the dashboard area

Seamless Event Scheduling

With numerous access points, events can be quickly scheduled and modified, with materials and lesson plans attached for even more organization.

Speech Therapy Plans website's payment options on a clay mockup desktop computer

Authoritative Sign-Up Process

To make sign-ups even easier, we included an integration with Stripe to simplify membership purchases on the website, reinforcing trust with customers through the well-known payment gateway.

A Dream Come True

Working with STP towards a final product that helps SLPs maximize their time, be as present as possible with their students, and reclaim their time has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

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