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SJD Taxi

Revitalizing Cabo’s top tourism transportation company

Los Cabos ranks as the premier tourism destination in Mexico. As its popularity surges, US and Canadian travelers require dependable transportation, whether traveling to and from the airport, attending events, or embarking on tours. SJD Taxi answers this demand with a web-based custom online booking platform.

Booking a Smoother Ride Online

The website rebuild of SJD Taxi marks a significant leap forward in online transportation booking. It exudes a sense of immediacy, underpinned by its fast-loading design, ensures an optimal experience for users, but also underscores the brand’s commitment to efficiency. This mirrors the punctuality and reliability of their private transportation services.

A standout feature is the website’s enhanced User Interface (UI). Designed with a mobile-first user in mind, navigation has been streamlined to be more intuitive, ensuring that even first-time visitors can find what they’re looking for with ease. Crisp visuals and a succinct content presentation ensure a clutter-free and eye-pleasing interface, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Increase in user engagement rate

  • Increase in average engagement time

  • Decrease in bounce rate

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We’re pleased with the outcome of the work Perfect Afternoon performed for us. Our team frequently comments on how easy it is to edit website pages and, customer frequently give positive feedback on the professional look and how easy it is to reserve online.

Edgar Arroyo, Luxury Concierge

Boarding the Plane? Book on Your Mobile!

The most notable upgrade is the mobile booking feature. Recognizing the shift towards mobile-first browsing, SJD Taxi offers a seamless mobile booking experience. Whether you’re on a smartphone or tablet, the process is straightforward and efficient, reflecting the modern traveler’s desire for swift, hassle-free arrangements.

The rebuild goes beyond aesthetics and speed, aligning with today’s digital landscape and taxi service demands.

Integrated Booking System

Reviewing recorded user sessions and heatmaps from months’ past, the PA team rejuvenated SJD’s online booking system and placed emphasis on an effortless mobile checkout experience. In addition, our web developers integrated Apple and Google Payments. This allows users to enjoy a streamlined and secure transaction process that caters to the preferences of modern travelers.

Fast, Mobile Responsiveness

Clean coding practices have been meticulously applied, guaranteeing peak performance and swift loading times. This attention to detail ensures that the site runs smoothly and consistently, regardless of the browser or device, offering every user a seamless digital experience.

Focus on SEO

A prime concern with the rebuild was not to upset yet, enhance all ranking efforts previously achieved. With a focus on page load speed and mobile-friendly design, PA was able to achieve continuous “A” grading with third-party benchmark tools. A post-launch guided SEO content program guided their team with tactics on how to assist SEO and organic conversions. Post 20223 HCL and 2024 Core updates, SJD remained unaffected or penalized and continues to flourish in top 3 rankings.

Clean, Fast, Intuitive Design

The new SJD Taxi website introduces a harmonious balance of colors, instilling a refreshing and modern aesthetic. This vibrant palette, coupled with thoughtfully designed sections, ensures visual appeal and an intuitive browsing experience, guiding visitors effortlessly.


SJD Taxi home screen

Reaching the Masses

Curated Custom Web Booking for Mobile Users

While overseeing SJD Taxi’s website rebuild, we also optimized their $17k+ monthly advertising spend. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the travel industry and the constant promotional efforts by airlines and resorts to attract North American tourists, SJD Taxi aspired to be the top pick when visitors looked for transportation.

We audited SJD Taxi’s existing ad accounts and pinpointed their strengths and potential growth areas. We capitalized on this by enhancing SEO-focused pages for prominent resort destinations. New campaigns were rolled out with specific ad groups centered around selective keywords and, target international airport locations. This strategy boosted the impression share, benefiting from a superior page score and a reduced CPC. Furthermore, we employed various ad extensions to amplify calls and conversions from the campaigns.

The results spoke volumes: there was a marked increase in lower CPA, better CTR, and conversions. Since we took the reins of the ad account in September 2020, SJD Taxi has enjoyed a CPC reduction of 45-70%. More impressively, conversions skyrocketed over 350%, extending their advertising reach more expansively than ever before. Combined efforts resulted in SJD having experienced a 32% YoY gross revenue increase since relaunch.

Paid Advertising
  • 199.80


  • 270.11


  • 19.15

    Cost Per Conversion

Compared to pre and post-launch of the new SJD Taxi website.

Optimizing for Tomorrow’s Traveler

With various transportation services tailored for tourists, SJD Taxi credits their success to an intuitive user experience and a robust customer support system, establishing them as a trusted name in the region. More so, the crafted speed and SEO aspects have increased organic traffic. This reimagined website based on user experience research, analytics, and heavy mobile usage allows for a fast, responsive design and easy mobile one-touch booking experience for up-and-coming travelers.

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