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Perfect Afternoon rebrand | Office photo with digital marketing icon logo

Perfect Afternoon sub logo

Perfect Afternoon

A Rebrand to Define a Brighter Path

Perfect Afternoon represents the culmination of over two decades of growth and evolution as a brand formerly known as Trademark Productions. Although certain elements of our previous identity may no longer be relevant, we have carefully retained the aspects that still hold significance.

With our revitalized brand identity, we are poised to thrive and embark on an exciting new journey with our partners, driven by a profound sense of purpose.

Embarking On a New Adventure

After careful consideration, we recognized that Trademark Productions and its branding no longer accurately represented our identity. The true source of our delight in our work lies in the connections we forge with our partners. We wanted this sense of joy to be the central focus of our brand’s image.

Inspired by the idyllic atmosphere of a blissful summer day, where sunlight playfully filters through the leaves, we underwent extensive deliberation to arrive at our new name: Perfect Afternoon. We adore the fact that its significance varies based on each individual’s interpretation of what a perfect afternoon is for them.

Rest assured, we’re still the same nerds, dreamers, and creatives you’ve come to know over the years. This rebrand showcases our skills and talents in a new light, and we’re delighted about it.

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Our identity

reflects our commitment to our


Perfect Afternoon pattern background | Core brand values
Sun shape with lines for Perfect Afternoon
Illustration of a person climbing a mountain | Perfect Afternoon's core value of Empowerment

Motivate Your Peers

Working as a team is a delight. One of the best aspects is pumping each other up and getting ready to attack the day and workload with a positive outlook and team support.

Sun shape with lines for Perfect Afternoon
Four puzzle pieces with one not connected | Perfect Afternoon's core value of Collaboration

Work Together

Collaboration within a team fosters synergy, enabling team members to pool their diverse skills, ideas, and perspectives to achieve collective success. Ask questions, provide feedback, and guide others.

Sun shape with lines for Perfect Afternoon
Brain illustration with thoughts and ideas coming out | Perfect Afternoon's core value of Creativity

Forge With Fervor

Love what you do and do it in a way unique to you. Our team is brimming with creativity, and we want them to pour that into their work to enhance and elevate it.

Sun shape with lines for Perfect Afternoon
Perfect Afternoon's value: Commitment | Two hands in a handshake

Genuinely Care

We take great care in everything we deliver, ensuring a polished outcome, regardless of the scale from substantial website builds to even the shortest social media post.

Sun shape with lines for Perfect Afternoon
Illustration of a hand palming a heart | Perfect Afternoon's core value of Value

Show Your Worth

Every team member brings a certain level of value to our agency and partners. We want them to show it to the world and be proud!

Refresh poster idea for the rebrand of Trademark Productions to Perfect Afternoon

With a few names in mind, we made an early exploration of how we could use Perfect Afternoon to represent our brand goals.

Refresh poster idea for the rebrand of Trademark Productions to Perfect Afternoon

Astrata was an alternate brand exploration we envisioned as a divergent direction but ultimately didn’t resonate with our team.

Logo Evolution

  • Initial Logo Identity

    Trademark Productions logo with red and white colors
  • Initial Rebrand Logo Exploration

    Initial logo concepts for Perfect Afternoon
  • Form Solidification

    Logo sketch ideas and initial logo designs for Perfect Afternoon
  • Color Exploration

    Logo design with color exploration with four sets of colors for Perfect Afternoon
  • Palette Exploration

    Color inspiration palette for Perfect Afternoon
  • Palette Solidification

    Final rebrand color palette for Perfect Afternoon
  • Final Logo

    Final logo for Trademark Productions' rebrand to Perfect Afternoon
Perfect Afternoon Business Cards
Orange quarter circle

Icon Design

We developed two sets of icons — simple and complex styles — that allow us to best represent our core services and values.

  • Perfect Afternoon Discovery phase icon for our website development projects
  • Perfect Afternoon Beta phase icon for our website development projects
  • Perfect Afternoon Design phase icon for our website development projects
  • Perfect Afternoon Launch phase icon for our website development projects
  • Digital Marketing Logo with a phone and likes for Perfect Afternoon
  • User Experience Logo with a light bulb and design elements for Perfect Afternoon
  • Email Marketing Icon with a paper airplane with an email on it
  • Website development icon illustration for Perfect Afternoon
Plant line illustrations
Perfect Afternoon Brand Book showing the color palette

Brand Book

With a lot of moving processes, our brand needed to be cohesive across all instances. So, we created the authority on all things Perfect Afternoon: our brand book. This allowed us to compile everything from the nuanced use cases of icon styles and logo variations to defining fonts, colors, and messaging. Our team, even those outside design, can create and represent the brand with confidence.

Dynamic styling & spreads

We wanted our bright personality to reflect in the design. Employing engaging layouts throughout elevated the piece beyond a mere manual into a standalone work of design artisanship.

Website Evolution

Perfect Afternoon home page design

Stepping into our new design and identity is a new era, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Trademark Productions home page website from a 2017 website build

The latest iteration of the website showcases remarkable innovations and is resting easy.

Trademark Productions home page website from a 2013 website build

With a more retro look, our 2013 website saw full-width, responsive websites becoming a more normal practice.

Trademark Productions home page website from a 2010 website build

TM circa 2010 is a nostalgic blast from the past from the type of websites we see today.

Forge area of the Perfect Afternoon office in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

Creating Our Oasis

The space you work defines your mood, and we want to ensure ours inspires an energetic calm our team can comfortably collaborate in. Over several months, we diligently curated our space to encompass a variety of inviting meeting areas, functional offices, well-equipped workstations (lovingly referred to as “battle stations”), as well as spaces dedicated to relaxation and conversation. This deliberate effort allowed our brand to transcend the digital realm and truly thrive in the physical world.

We feature many natural textures that create a sense of warm in the space, such as mosses, jute, wood, rattan, and beyond. With ample greenery to breathe further life into the environment and vibrant pops of color, complete with a lush mural, our office has become a hideaway from the world to not only get work done, but enjoy doing so!

Entry space for Perfect Afternoon's office in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

A Warm Welcome

Our entry space is complete with a moss installation and custom cork boards, setting the tone for the environment.

Our values are front and center as they set the tone for all our interactions happening within our office walls.


Final PA mural for Perfect Afternoon

Adding the logo, hatching, and fills rounded out the final touches for the mural. The final design achieves a remarkable visual texture in the space, striking a harmonious balance between a serene sense of relaxation and vibrant energetic contrast.

Chalk sketched mural on a black wall in Perfect Afternoon's office space in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

Projecting the sketch onto the wall, we traced it with chalk and create the initial line work. This served as a helpful guide as we subsequently added the permanent marker lines on top.

Initial mural sketch for Perfect Afternoon's office in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

We developed the schematic with paper and pencil to scale properly on the nearly 20′ long wall after an initial sketch and choosing a concept.

Monstera leaves illustration outline for Perfect Afternoon