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Excel Medical Products

Specialists in Precision Medical Device Manufacturing

Excel Medical Products is a certified medical device OEM and contract manufacturer, delivering high-quality products and services. By exceeding customer expectations, while complying with all regulatory requirements, Excel Medical Products wanted to increase its visibility and attract more leads.

SEO to Grow Digital Presence

With over 20 years of service, Excel Medical Products optimized their newly redesigned site using our team’s SEO techniques. Working with this partner included implementing an achievable search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that would accomplish their goals.

By focusing on these core goals, we set up the platforms and accounts needed for the company to monitor information effectively and track traffic increases based on improvements made to the site content. This included performing keyword research and competitor analysis to ensure we knew what would attract the right users.

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Project Key Performance Indicators
  • 41.92

    Growth in Organic Traffic

  • 43.65

    Growth in Users Overall

  • 34.68

    Growth in Users from Organic Search

Project duration: 8 months

Excel Medical Products’

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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Increase search visibility

Enhancing their site’s presence in search engine results to attract more organic traffic and improve its online visibility for potential users. Also, strengthens its online reputation and authority in medical device manufacturing industry.

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Improve site functionality

Enhancing the usability, speed, and overall user experience of a website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and provide a better experience for visitors. Attracting organic traffic can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

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Create data accounts 

Setting up tools and platforms for effective data tracking to monitor website performance, user behavior, and other key metrics. This allows our team to make informed decisions and optimize the site’s search engine visibility.

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Build content strategy

Developing a plan for creating, publishing, and promoting high-quality, relevant content that meets the needs of your target audience and adheres to Google’s guidelines, ultimately improving your website’s visibility in search results.

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Logo PA | Illustration of a search engine results page.
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Building For Search Engine Success

With Excel Medical Products having no prior SEO considerations on their site, we facilitated the set-up and management of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Search Console (GSC), and other accounts to start gathering data. This included setting up unique conversion events to measure key factors, such as phone number clicks and site engagement.

Excel Medical Products requested a SEO strategy to cover all three of its most important core goals, including the following processes:

Fulfilling Search Needs

Building Data

PA created accounts for GA4 and GSC and made alterations to the website for a new articles page and interface. Additionally, we looked to better understand the keywords to drive traffic to the site and inform our future content strategy. Having researched and targeted those that would help grow the site’s visibility, we then set up tracking to ensure any growth was monitored and analyzed for future opportunities.

Researching the Market

Following this, we conducted market research, providing insights through keyword analysis and understanding what terms and content their prospective customers were looking for online. Considering user intent and the queries used to find medical products, we created a list of blog topics and ideas that would appeal to those B2B customers. We then researched alike medical services and medical products, guiding each one, including the possible traffic volume and difficulty ranking for each keyword.

Website Spring Cleaning

Excel needed to appear on Google search results to inform potential visitors of their core services and products, so we installed SCHEMA software displaying structured data correctly. Specific, informative meta descriptions and titles were crafted for every page of the website to help search engines index, and of course guide the user journey from a search result page.

Excel Medical Products' display of the data from Google Analytics 4.
Excel Medical Group home page on a desktop monitor

Content Strategy

The final phase was to set up an effective content strategy that would support our SEO goals and allow them to produce their own articles and case studies on a regular cadence, using the framework in place to expand their online presence and find new opportunities within the medical device business niche. 

The site needed more informative content covering their different services and products. By building on the keyword research offered insights into the most popular terms being used by potential customers, we built a list of blog topics and ideas for them to write and populate in the new Articles section.

Growing Through Content

By identifying the most important lead-generating keywords, we increased visibility for Excel Medical Products across core search terms to drive conversations with potential customers. Armed with analytical data regarding their digital market and new optimized content, this partner is confident they follow Google quality standards and will reap the benefits over the coming months.


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