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eCommerce with a sustainable soul

From a childhood filled with skateboarding streets and riding the surf of Cupertino, two brothers grew inspired by the outdoor world and wanted to make their mark on it for the better. Entropy Resins was founded by those two brothers in 2010 with a mission to make resin products better for people and the environment. Because of this, they were inspired by the chemistry of Mother Nature and created Super Sap®, a bio-based epoxy that is plant-based versus petroleum-based epoxy.

Entropy Resins eCommerce Website Build

Green & Proud of It

Entropy Resins creates biobased, sustainable epoxy resins backed up with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Having also designed their prior website, Entropy Resins was looking to pivot their aesthetic to a design that emphasized their dedication to sustainability and the craft of their customers. With their strong authority in their eco initiatives, including LCA, 1% For the Planet, and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred program certifications, Entropy wanted this central to their look and feel. 


Entropy Resins website on iPhone devices
  • Increase in dollars spent

  • Increase in pageviews

  • Increase in number of sales

Cross-Continental Sales

Offering eCommerce for their European entity was a vital feature. With two continents being represented on the website, came two sets of products with different labeling, measurements, pricing, and disclaimers that needed to be properly configured.

Entropy Resins Laminating Epoxy Screen
Entropy Resins EU Product Page

Mixing the Right Ratio

With the clear goal of placing more emphasis on product quality and sustainability, we used a mix of photos highlighting natural beauty and the creations of their customers. We also brought brand consistency throughout the site with the use of hexagons as a design motif throughout.

Entropy Resins Home Page Design

The Sum of Many Parts

With a sound design, we began creating the WordPress multisite to host both the Entropy entities. We utilized WooCommerce to handle the logistics of the online shopping experience. Due to the many configurations of their resins and add-ons, our team made sure that all possible simple or variable product combinations showed correctly throughout the purchasing process.

Laptop with Entropy Resins website

Elevated Product Presence

Each product on the site has a specific color scheme that matches its product label. Metaboxes and classes helped achieve this by passing the color into each product-specific element on the site, like pages, cards, and hover styles.

To further set their products apart, we took a unique approach for the ecommerce pages, commanding the attention of the user with a large product image and hexagonal nature imagery that connects the product to its environmentally-conscious construction.


We made further enhancements to display their dedication to sustainability, like the homepage’s stats counter, more of which appear on the LCA page that feature a grid of tickers that show the impact of their bio-based products.

Entropy Resins Theater video gallery

Showcasing partnerships with influential makers was the spark for Entropy Theater to be crafted, an interactive video page to showcase makers and Entropy’s products through an immersive experience.

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