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Dearborn Mid-West Company website development project from Perfect Afternoon

Dearborn Mid-West Company

Manufacturing Comprehensive Web Services

Dearborn Mid-West Company (DMW) is a leading provider in the material handling industry. With over 75 years of experience, the company offers its clients innovative solutions and services centered on sustainability, value, and quality.

Building From Strength

Our project with DMW revitalized their website to enhance user experience, improve content management, and integrate critical plugin features like job postings, project gallery, and team, for a more engaging online presence.

DMW approached Perfect Afternoon to modernize its website, focusing on enhancing user experience and content creation for internal pages. The project involved improving site editability, integrating a Job Posting plugin for categorizing and filtering job positions, and adding a Project Gallery plugin to showcase case studies and project summaries. 

A Team Manager plugin was also included to highlight key team members and their extensive experience, highlighting the company’s authority. The result is a site that showcases the brand’s prowess through its design while offering ease of access through improved usability and features.

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  • Increase in page views

  • Increase in new users

  • Increase in user events

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Streamlined Content Management

Enhanced site editability addressed the issue of outdated content and difficulty in posting updates, resulting in a fully customizable experience that fulfilled the needs of a growing company.

Marketing Logo

Improved Recruitment Interface

Facilitated better categorization and filtering with the Job Posting Plugin, creating a smoother recruitment process and user experience through a choice of location, position type, and category filters.

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Implemented Dynamic Projects and Team Display

Improved site accessibility by showcasing case studies, project summaries, and key team members, making it easier to highlight the strengths and increase the chance of attracting new business.

Built To Last

Aiming for a clean, professional look with balanced simplicity and sophistication through iconography, line, and image use, the website was designed to reflect DMW’s industrial strengths and experience while staying true to the brand.

Developing the new site focused on providing clean, structured coding with flexibility for future content and feature additions, like the team member and job posting plugins that improve the overall user experience.

Finally, SEO enhancements and modifications were made to ensure that the new content and media elements would be easy for Google to find, crawl, and include in the corresponding search results and findings.

Home page of the Dearborn Mid-West Company's website, developed by Perfect Afternoon.
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Device mockups of the team page on the Dearborn Mid-West Company's website, developed by Perfect Afternoon.

Effective Content Display

We ensured the new DMWC site is geared up for showing off all the right stuff. That’s why we have a variety of plugins included to exemplify various parts of their business, with careers, team members, and projects.

Project Gallery

A lot of work went towards ensuring visitors understood the company and what they could do, achieving this through a new project gallery. This allowed our partner to boast their impressive portfolio in an organized fashion that wouldn’t overwhelm the rest of the site or its layout.

Job Plugin

The all-important job posting plugin was integrated to allow the team to categorize and filter available positions by location, position type, or category, addressing the issue of invalid job postings and improving the recruitment process.

Team Plugin

Additionally, the project gallery and team management plugins allowed DMWC to showcase key team members, adding a personal touch and highlighting the human element of DMW.

Made For Greatness

Successfully modernizing DMW’s website, the project significantly improved the user experience and the company’s online presence. The enhancements in site editability, job posting functionality, and the inclusion of project and team galleries not only solved previous issues but also showcased the company’s main strengths and values, leading to positive feedback and an improved perception of the brand.

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