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A woman relaxing by a pool; showcasing the digital marketing work done for Aqua Star Pools.

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Aqua Star Pools

Making Digital Waves, One Above Ground Pool at a Time

As a leader in above-ground swimming pools, Aqua Star Pools embarked on a journey to expand its online presence and engage a broader audience. This meant taking full advantage of our digital marketing maintenance retainer, providing Google Ads and email marketing using HubSpot. 

Turning Your Home into an Oasis

With 30+ years of experience, Aqua Star Pools are the first choice of both DIY handymen and industry professionals alike, each pool is manufactured to the highest quality industry standards across North America. The above-ground pools are made to integrate with existing or new decks and landscaping easily.

To increase their brand awareness and lead generation efforts, we implemented Google Ads and email marketing automation to place users in their sales pipeline. We provided initial information to the most asked questions like pricing, installation, and what the finished product looks like.

iPhone device mockup of an email from Aqua Star Pools
  • Average increase in website visitors MoM

  • Increase in emails delivered

  • Google Ads' campaign CTR YoY

Nurturing sales through email marketing with HubSpot

Understanding the power of direct communication, Aqua Star nurtured its audience with targeted email campaigns within HubSpot. We created timely follow-ups, drip campaigns with pricing information and photo galleries, and trigger-based communications. 

Automating crucial touchpoints empowered our partner to guide prospects through the customer journey more efficiently, turning curious browsers into purchasers with minimal manual intervention.

A collection of reports from Aqua Star Pools' HubSpot showing the data, traffic, and progress its been making.

Success of paid advertising

Seizing the power of immediate exposure, Aqua Star Pools embraced the world of pay-per-click (PPC) through Google Ads. By diving deep into keyword research, using broad and long tail keywords, refining ad copy, and managing budgets, we positioned product offerings squarely in front of their desired audience. The outcome? A surge in website traffic, heightened brand presence, and a remarkable uptick in sales conversions.

Creating an oasis

​​As soon as users subscribe, their inbox transforms into a treasure trove of insights and details, effortlessly guiding them through the sales journey. Eliminating the heavy manual work allows this partner to ease into the joys of closing sales, one pool at a time. Dive in, and watch as tailored emails pave the path forward! 

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