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Advanced Cloud Solutions

Making Salesforce Work For You

Advanced Cloud Solutions (ACS) is an IT firm specializing in custom Cloud, Salesforce, and Microsoft solutions. With cutting-edge technology support, they can transform sales ecosystems to perform exactly how companies need.

Custom Solutions To Optimize

Tech doesn’t always have to feel stale — ACS feels strongly about this. At the start of the project, our partner wanted their site to feel more modern and interesting. So, with our design, we leaned into a clean look and feel that uses shape and imagery to elevate without feeling busy. 

With this site focusing on honing in their main unique factors, our marketing team stepped in to maximize the content so it was informative and relevant to what they needed to rank for. The curation of site content extended to the imagery, making the whole site feel cohesive. 

We continue to support the growth and cultivation of new content beyond post-launch to foster this company’s growth.

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  • Decrease in bounce rate

  • Increase in new users

Walking on Air

With a clear understanding of how they wanted their brand to be presented, we went to work on a design that was as tech-forward and professional as it was accessible and fun. Working with cloud imagery and circular elements, we found the ideal blend of business and play, taking ACS’ brand look to the next level. 

With this established, we moved into the build phase. Powered by WordPress’ Gutenberg blocks, we created a modular site, easy to manage and customize with no code required for our partner. This allows for easy content updates and building new pages on the fly, with no external developer needed for their team. We took extra steps to create additional elements to further immerse the reader, from an updated blog format to extensive content pages.

While the build was underway, our content team worked with their heads in the clouds on how to best represent all ACS does from their cloud, Salesforce, and custom services. After careful calculation and formulation, we crafted the content with supplemental graphics, adding them to each page to further the cohesion of the site.

Spotlighting Key Services

Custom solutions can be abstract when displayed on your website. So, we materialized this concept into crucial service areas highlighted throughout the page, with specific calls-to-actions and associated iconography on the homepage and individual service pages. We sorted the service areas into relevant groups with the flexibility to create that bespoke solution that a user may need.

Modern, Circular Design Elements

Since ACS wanted their brand to feel approachable, we incorporated subtle shape psychology throughout the site’s design. This makes the look and feel immediately more friendly. This approach can be seen through the rounded corners, circular elements that act as backers on mockups and iconography, and section dividers. We also use circles in graphic accents to add a touch of fun.

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Laptop mockup of Advanced Cloud Solutions' website

Elevating the Copy

No site is complete without thorough content to support its SEO goals, so we made sure ACS’ content was not only written properly, but displayed intuitively.

Website Copywriting 

ACS has a lot to offer, and they didn’t want to skimp on showing that off. So, our marketing team put together targeted content for all the service pages and beyond. This ultimately culminated in a cohesive voice site-wide supported by the further curation of image elements page by page that elevates the content and enhances understanding on the user end.

Intuitive News Archive

With many essential industry updates, ACS wanted to provide their users with a top-notch blog interface. To support this need, we built a robust category tagging system you can filter by and see appended to each post, ensuring the content is relevant to the user’s needs. Paired with a clean design and a post-layout with the information you need upfront and any related articles, the news page is a modular interface that makes getting the information you need easy.

On Cloud Nine

With the new site, we regularly enhance its visual and structural elements while providing additional marketing support.

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