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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Web Design, Digital Marketing and Branding

Discover everything you need to know about Perfect Afternoon on our FAQ page, designed to provide quick, clear answers to your questions about our services, process, and how we can help your business shine online. Whether you’re curious about our web design and development capabilities, our approach to digital marketing, or how we ensure your project’s success, our FAQ page is your go-to resource for immediate insights and assistance.

What types of digital services does Perfect Afternoon offer?

Perfect Afternoon specializes in web design and development, UX/UI design, digital marketing (SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing), branding, and specialized services, like HubSpot integration, as part of our core packages.

Does Perfect Afternoon specialize in any industries?

Yes and No. We’ve been afforded to be in web design, development and marketing since 1998, formally until 2023 as Trademark Productions. That has allowed to see a lot of changes to how businesses use the internet and its evolution. We apply a lot of what we’ve learned and continue to learn to each different industry, however, most are like automobiles. Many similarities yet, each needs its own separate strategy to differentiate from competition and online. Industries in specific we’ve had some long-lasting relationships with are Associations, Corporate, Job Creation and Management, Legal, Health Care, Nonprofits, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Travel/Hospitality and Technology.

How much does a new website cost vs. a website rebuild? What about eCommerce?

That really depends, and we have a process, quickly, where we can discover and let you know a good ballpark. Things to consider are the size of a site, functionality, who is providing the content, image/video assets and if eCommerce, the products data and images. The consultation is free, and we can learn about your opportunities and in exchange, you get to know a little about how we think and are very different from other marketing agencies.

Can Perfect Afternoon help with both the design and development of a website?

Perfect Afternoon provides design and development services, ensuring a cohesive process from concept to launch. This includes everything needed to get your next project off the ground, providing a solid timeline that you can plan needs.

What areas of Michigan does Perfect Afternoon offer its services?

Perfect Afternoon is happy to offer all companies our web development and design services, regardless of location. We have partners all across Michigan, including in these locations: Ferndale, Royal Oak, Metro Detroit, Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, and Livingston County.

What makes Perfect Afternoon different from other digital agencies?

We have a depth of experience and knowledge on subjects that are hard to find. Having been around since the late 90s, meaning before smartphones, everyone SEO, and responsive websites, Perfect Afternoon has a perspective on the industry that lets us adapt to the ever-evolving web.

What is the process for starting a project with Perfect Afternoon?

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your needs, followed by a proposal and project kickoff. We look to provide an easy-to-follow process and project roadmap that includes everything needed to launch a successful site, followed by whatever post-launch maintenance or marketing you have.

How does Perfect Afternoon approach digital marketing and SEO?

A clear vision and strategic plan drive our marketing team. We develop tailored digital plans encompassing brand positioning, audience targeting, content creation, and campaign management. By leveraging consumer behavior and industry trends, we ensure your company’s marketing efforts are effective and impactful, driving measurable results for your business.

What results can I expect from Perfect Afternoon’s branding and design services?

Our services come with clearly defined goals from the start, meaning you can track progress through development, branding, or marketing services. Our objectives are tailored toward increasing brand visibility, increasing visits, or generating meaningful engagement.

Does Perfect Afternoon offer custom solutions for eCommerce websites?

Whether you need a robust eCommerce site, custom software, or a beautiful new brand experience, we have you covered. Our team gives it their all to make the website of your dreams a reality, including for those projects that require specialized systems or inventory management.

How does Perfect Afternoon integrate HubSpot into their partner’s digital strategies?

Perfect Afternoon can help unlock the power of seamless collaboration, automation, and data-driven insights with HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs. We offer full support during the HubSpot integration process, working out any issues that arise from email compatibility or call-tracking software. HubSpot’s all-in-one CRM platform can help your company drive growth and results.

What is the typical timeline for a web development project?

Turning an idea into a fully launched website usually takes many hours, which is provided within a minimum of a 6-12-week timeline. We treat all timeframes as estimates, varying depending on the site’s complexity and unique needs. eCommerce sites require more work than static sites, while those with many pages and moving parts will take more. Let’s now explore each stage in detail.

Can Perfect Afternoon help with content creation?

Diverse and engaging content is necessary for any site to grow its visibility. Our team understands that every brand is unique, and we work diligently to craft content that aligns with your brand’s tone, values, and goals. 

How does Perfect Afternoon ensure a project meets the partners’ goals and expectations?

Our agency is made up of various departments that all contribute to our daily success. After going through our Sales department to learn how our services can achieve your goals, you’ll funnel through the rest of the agency. Our project management department allows our development, marketing, and design teams to complete the assignments at hand accurately.

We also have touch-base meetings and provide a detailed timeline to ensure our team and yours are all on the same page. 

Does Perfect Afternoon provide ongoing support and maintenance after a project is completed?

Perfect Afternoon provides full marketing and development maintenance support for any of our services, including server maintenance, search engine optimization, social media management, and more. Take a look at the partners we’ve worked with to get an idea of the breath of relationships we hold.

How can I view examples of Perfect Afternoon’s previous work?

We have a section dedicated to showcasing our current relationships and projects with a diverse list of companies. Check out PA’s featured projects web development and digital marketing here.

What is the best way to contact Perfect Afternoon for a project inquiry?

Perfect Afternoon can be contacted by phone at 248.582.9210 or on our Start a Project page. Provide your desired services and information about your company. We’ll review it, and a team specialist will contact you shortly to discuss solutions and options.

Does Perfect Afternoon offer web consultations and, SEO Audits for potential projects?

Yes, Perfect Afternoon to ask tough questions about your business plan, marketing plan, SEO strategy and, growth strategy to drive your business through a digitally delightful journey to success online. Website training & consulting is a staple in our agency. By trade, we are teachers. We want our partners to win online. 

Whether you have the resources to do your work online and need to understand things better, want to weigh your options and the investments involved, or have found yourself penalized by search engines, we can help. We regularly conduct audits on online properties and marketing campaigns, help startups lay their foundations, and even help audit or manage other companies’ digital marketing teams.

Is there a criteria to meet before signing on for a project?

During initial consultations, Perfect Afternoon aims to establish a clear project vision, budget alignment, and mutual understanding of project goals and outcomes.

What’s our specialty?

Perfect Afternoon excels in creating inspiring sites through our informative approach toward design and web development. We provide comprehensive services and solutions to fit your digital strategy, taking our craft seriously, ensuring we use the best practices with cutting-edge design for any market.

What CMS do we use to build Websites?

Perfect Afternoon builds in WordPress, a flexible CMS, so you can easily edit or add to your website in the future. Powered by Gutenberg blocks, our sites function with more features and less bloat. This keeps Google happy and your website fast and engaging.