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New Tech Developments & Google Search Consoles Features

Jan. 25, 2024 | Jailyn Glass

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In our latest episode of the Perfect Afternoon Morning Show, we swapped stories about the challenges posed by the weather, from frozen driveways to unexpected school closures due to burst pipes, followed by discussing upcoming tech industry insights and vacation rental optimizations. These moments revealed how external conditions ripple through our personal and professional lives, prompting adjustments and resilience.

EP 63: Industry & SEO Chat: New Tech Industry Insights & Google Search Consoles Features

Technology is the same way. With the ever-evolving changes happening in tech, it’s important for us to know about them and then bring them to your attention as well. The recent departures of Google executives and senior engineers shed light on the underlying currents shaping the company’s culture and how the search engine will progress over the next few months.

New Apple Product

As we touched on, Apple is releasing its first spatial computer, fully immersing the users within the realm of the screen. Think Google Glass and Meta Quest, but a complete tool as if you are using a desktop or laptop computer. With the changes coming, is this going to appeal to the massives or those who pay to price within that price point? We will see how it goes with the February 2, 2024 release. 

Google Search Console Updates

Google introduced vacation rentals into its search ecosystem, providing users with a more comprehensive range of accommodation options. This new feature aims to enhance the travel planning experience by offering a seamless way to discover and compare vacation rental properties directly within Google Search. Whether travelers are looking for cozy cottages or luxurious villas, this integration caters to diverse preferences and needs, making finding the perfect stay for any trip easier.

Listen to episode 63 of the Perfect Afternoon Morning Show, where Dwight, Gary, and Jailyn discuss all this and provide feedback on these tech industry insights.

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