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Google Core 2024 & Why SEO Will Never Die

Dwight Zahringer

What To Remember About SEO & Google

In the podcast “Google Core 2024 & Why SEO Will Never Die,” hosts Gary and Dwight discuss the complexities and outcomes of Google’s March 2024 core update, which officially concluded on April 19 but was announced a week later on April 26. This delay from when the Core was completed to when the public was alerted underscores typical issues around Google’s transparency with core updates.

Next was discussion around Google’s recent overhaul of ranking drop documentation, aimed at helping webmasters understand and correct ranking declines. But the language was simplified and in reality gives no real help rather, generalizes solutions with no real points to consider.

Significantly, Gary Illyes highlighted that links have become the least influential factor in Google’s ranking algorithms to date. Despite this, the conversation shifts to reaffirm the enduring importance of links, touching on the original Google PageRank patent and their ongoing relevance.

We need very few links to rank pages

Gary has repeatedly mentioned, including last year and back in 2022, that Google would continue to de-emphasize the importance of links in its ranking algorithms—a sentiment echoed by former Google employee Matt Cutts about eight years ago. Indeed, the significance of links has diminished considerably over the past decade, a trend that shows no signs of reversing. Despite this, many SEO professionals remain skeptical, suspecting that Google’s public statements about the declining influence of links might not fully align with the reality of their algorithm adjustments.

PA’s podcast concludes with a broader discussion on the perpetual nature of SEO, driven by Google’s need to maximize ad revenue, suggesting continual changes in search algorithms to promote digital ad spending. The key takeaway for businesses, from, PA’s perspective, is the necessity of understanding SEO and marketing investments while focusing primarily on developing a user-centric website and solidifying their brand. In the 25+ years in SEO and web development in Michigan, our recommendations for a strategic foundation ensures that SEO remains a valuable, albeit secondary, tactic in enhancing online presence.

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