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Conducting Social Media Audits Regularly

Jailyn Glass, marketing manager at Perfect Afternoon
Jailyn Glass

A social media audit provides a comprehensive report of the effectiveness of your company’s social media presence. This type of in-depth analysis details metrics to gauge the performance of your existing social media strategy’s performance and see the account’s status, including company information and messaging. Metrics typically include audience demographics, engagement levels, geographic reach, campaign effectiveness, and more. 

Social Media Audit: Monitoring Your Performance

Benchmarking your performance is essential, so looking at your main competitors and seeing industry performance averages is important to help you drill down the exact growth numbers you need to gauge your business correctly. 

In this episode of the Perfect Afternoon Morning Show, our marketing team details how often you should conduct audits, what to take away from them, and how to produce goals to gain progress.

Steps to conducting your audit

It’s essential to do this every quarter. It gives time for your strategy to resonate with your audience and enough time to make adjustments if you are not seeing the performance you should be. That includes setting aggressive goals or considering using a different social media platform to reach your audience. 

Let’s dive into the 5 steps to conducting an audit:

  1. Review your current social media performance to your benchmarks.
  2. Clean up your profiles – refresh bios to ensure hours of operation are correct.
  3. Seek new growth opportunities – the data tells you what works and does not.
  4. Set goals for your social presence – how can you continue expanding your growth? If you’re creating new strategies, define when you want to reach them and how to gauge their growth. 
  5. Make changes to your social media plan. Outline your strategies and related campaigns – do images need to be swapped for videos, or do you need to scrap a campaign or two?

Why social media audits are important

Now that we know what an audit looks like, we want to reinforce why they’re so important:

Keeps your social media strategy relevant

Information on whether a strategy or campaign engages your audience is vital to growing and avoiding losing momentum with your online community if the content is missing the mark. 

Helps prioritize your social media efforts

You find your audience engaging with you, but are you engaging enough with them? Are you dedicating enough time and posts to the right platforms?

Developing relationships with your audience

Establish brand loyalty to keep your audience engaged and taking action on your website and make them repeat customers. 

Strong brand loyalty is word-of-mouth marketing

You want to leave your customers with a good experience with you, and they will be more likely to share your business with their connections. 

Ready to see how an audit can help your social media strategy

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