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Revitalizing Our Brand for a Perfect Afternoon

Perfect Afternoon Agency Logo
Perfect Afternoon

Trademark Productions (TM) is now Perfect Afternoon (PA) — the same agency you know and love but with a revitalized purpose.

We are thrilled to unveil our company rebrand, Perfect Afternoon — a fresh chapter in our agency’s journey that reflects our commitment to adaptability, innovation, and our partners. 

As we enter this new era, we want to give you a backstory on the new us and the great things ahead.

Perfect Afternoon team members Lindsey and Jailyn chatting in the office and looking at a laptop.

The road to rebrand

In 2020, we discovered our brand, Trademark Productions, also fondly known as TM, no longer served us. So it was time to make a change, in a big way. With an understanding of what a huge undertaking this would be, the team knew it was a necessary decision to keep moving forward. 

Our decision to embark on this rebranding journey was driven by a desire to align our brand with our evolving vision, values, and partners’ goals. We recognize the importance of staying relevant in this dynamic industry, and this transformation presents a more honest reflection of us to you, our partners, and some soon-to-be.

Over the past few years, we have delved deep into our company’s core values, strengths, and aspirations (a little business soul-searching, if you will). We sought to encapsulate the essence of who we are and what we stand for, distilling it into a clear and memorable brand identity. We enhanced our mission and core values to focus on three aspects of our brand—partnerships, value, and accessible knowledge.

Reimagining our identity

From our logo and color palette to typography and overall visual representation, every element has been thoughtfully crafted to reflect who we are.

So why the name Perfect Afternoon? Being a creative agency for over 20+ years, we wanted to spread our wings and find an abstract name so that you can interpret the meaning for yourself and what it means to you and your company while exercising creativity.

Renewing our focus on services & partnerships

As part of our rebrand, we took the opportunity to redefine our focus and refine our offerings. We honed our services, leveraging our knowledge and experience to serve our partners better. 

Dwight Zahringer, founder of Trademark Productions now Perfect Afternoon, talking to one of our partners at Southeastern Michigan Society for Healthcare Engineering.

Web Development & UX

Our main service offering has added service benefits to help you see the full picture before diving into a new website build. That’s why UX Research & Testing Maintenance come into play. This research allows our teams to see how your current user base is experiencing your website to make improvements for implementation on the new website build.

Digital Marketing

As we continue to branch into new platforms and adapt to current platforms’ changes, we’re always looking out for opportunities to make our partners shine. With so many layers to digital marketing, we now offer a service that allows companies to manage their customer base within an all-in-marketing and sales tool, HubSpot.

Branding & Design

While we have always offered this, we are approaching it with a renewed focus on elevating aesthetics in a big way. Think bold imagery, vibrant colors, and actionable messaging to allow your users and customers to convert. 


Perfect Afternoon's Sales Manager Danielle handing two of our partners gifts before leaving our rebrand launch party.

Of course, partnerships play a huge role in our new identity since we discovered that’s what brings joy to our day. Ensuring our partners (formerly known as clients) are taken care of, receive genuine and honest feedback, and make strides to reach their goals is what we clock in for, and sometimes even think about solutions as we drift off to sleep.

Looking ahead

As we embody our new brand, we have nothing but excitement and anticipation for what’s to come. We see endless possibilities for growth, collaboration, and positive impact for ourselves, our partners, and what lies beyond the horizon, which is not yet in view.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we embrace this new identity and make a lasting impact on your company’s digital efforts. 

Together, we can build a brighter future.

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