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Important Considerations To Make When Managing A Digital Marketing Project

Dwight Zahringer

Making the Most Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools that businesses can use to boost their profiles and provoke growth. Running a digital marketing project is a complex task. Whether you are working for a 3rd party marketing agency or working internally as a project manager, you’ll have to keep on top of your game to deliver a coherent and effective campaign. Here are four considerations to keep in mind when managing a digital marketing project.

What Platforms Will You Market On?

Most modern digital marketing strategy involves multi-platform marketing. This is where a combined arms approach is taken. Search Engine Optimization, influencer marketing, social media advertising, and traditional media marketing are all undertaken simultaneously. This does not mean that literally every platform is targeted: that would spread your resources too thinly. Instead, you and your team need to carefully select target platforms based on your research.

According to data obtained by Statista, 79.7 percent of people are estimated to have made at least one purchase influenced by targeted social media advertising. This doesn’t just magically happen – you need to pick the platforms that you advertise on carefully to match your target audience.

Who Are Your Audiences?

Managing any marketing project successfully requires a period of extensive market research in order to identify target audiences. Digital marketing projects require even more research. This is partially due to the amount of data that is available. Market research needs to be more targeted than ever. Assumptions simply cannot be made about a potential audience – the answers you are seeking will lie in the data that potential audience makers produce as they live their lives online.

Your team is going to need to focus on data collection and analysis if they want to effectively produce a marketing strategy. There are plenty of programs out there that visualize huge amounts of data found on social media networks automatically. This can help your team identify audiences.

What Software Will You Use?

Every project manager knows the pitfalls that multitasking can lead to. No matter how organized a manager is, they can still get tied down in the administration and monitoring of their project. Project management apps like Monday centralize the tasks that you have to keep an eye on. Administration, performance, and communications are all in one place. There are plenty of different project management applications out there – each suited to a different kind of work. Marketing typically involves lots of progress monitoring, so you’ll need to find software with clear and simple monitoring functions.

How Do You Clarify Roles?

Managing a team of digital marketers completing a project requires careful role clarification. Some staff might be great at content production but terrible at market research. Others might be skilled designers with less prominent copywriting talents. Having a frank and honest conversation with your team members before you assign roles is extremely important. Get to know their strengths and weaknesses. A digital marketing project can derail if roles are not made clear by the project manager.

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