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How SaaS’s Can Stay Safe Online

Dec. 27, 2023 | Dwight Zahringer

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Keeping SaaS Safe

For any firm working in the technology space, data security could not be more important. The trust that you have with your customers is the bond that keeps them paying subscriptions for your major services – and if this is broken, you’ll find customers fleeing to competitors. As such, Software as a Service (SaaS) firms need to be positioned at the cutting edge of cybersecurity. This short piece, detailing the weak spots that each SaaS firm is likely to have, explains how you can secure your firm, and your customers, from breaches, hacks, and malware online in 2020.


The first element to your firm’s protection – and the strongest – is certainly your cybersecurity infrastructure. Here, you’ll want to partner with a trusted supplier: no expenses hould be spared in your crucial bid to protect both your firm and your customers from any hacks that might take place throughout your tenure.

The solution, for all SaaS firms, is to install a hybrid kind of security – one that helps protect your hardware and your software simultaneously. As most software sold as a service is based on the cloud, you’re looking specifically for cloud-based cybersecurity, like that advanced by McAfee. With this protection, the weak spots in your online infrastructure will be protected from the influence of both hacks and malware.

Data Protection Officer

It’s a legal requirement in several geographies for your first to hire a specific data protection officer, to whom the responsibility to maintain your security and protect your data falls. This individual has a huge responsibility to protect your business, and the data of all of your customers and, indeed, their customers. The buck stops with them, which means you need to hire the brightest and best into this key position.

A savvy and experienced data protection officer will know where to find your weak spots and will be able to send out regular correspondences to clients and customers regarding security updates and patches. They’ll also keep their eye on developing threats, heading to conferences at which they’re listening and learning to bring better security back to your SaaS firm.

SaaS Safe: Staff Education

Finally, the weak spot that most companies tend to forget isn’t a part of their cybersecurity infrastructure – it’s within their staff. You see, many members of your current team may be unaware of cybersecurity best practices, which means that they might breach your security through negligence alone. The only way to guard against this risk is to educate your staff – training them in how to be responsible and secure when interacting online.

Happily, hundreds of firms and training modules exist to achieve just this. You’ll be able to invite educators into your firm for a day or a two-day course for all of your employees, to show them how they might inadvertently contribute to a data protection risk or a hack. This training can be invaluable in protecting your firm over the long term. Learn more about keeping SaaS safe with Perfect Afternoon.

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