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Invest in Paid Advertising with Google Ads

Jailyn Glass, marketing manager at Perfect Afternoon
Jailyn Glass

As more businesses seek to reach new audiences online, they face fierce competition for customer attention. Paid advertising is a solution to capture the interest of potential customers to drive conversions and appear at the top of search results. Among all the available platforms, Google is the most popular search engine to invest in advertising due to its high reach and visibility. According to recent findings published by Statista, Google currently holds 85.5% of the global search engine market share, making Google Ads the best search engine to reach the most potential customers. 

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of paid advertising on Google, focusing on the three most popular ad types – Discovery Ads, Performance Max, and Responsive Search Ads – and their benefits, in addition to discussing how working with a marketing agency can maximize your Google ads investment.

1. Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are visually compelling and leverage the power of automation through Google’s algorithm to reach leads with a higher chance of converting. Using machine learning, these ads can identify the most suitable audience based on their interests and browsing habits and drive higher campaign conversion rates. Similarly to other campaign types, Discovery Ads are set up by importing your desired copy and images, but Google will take care of the placement. Placement opportunities for these ads include Gmail (in the Promotions and Social folders) and Youtube. 

You can experiment with various combinations of images, headlines, and descriptions to find the most effective and engaging ad variations. This flexibility allows you to test your ad creatives for conversion improvement. Due to their visually engaging nature, Discovery Ads are ideal for businesses aiming to create brand awareness, capture or recapture attention, and engage potential customers.

Google Ads Discovery gif showing different ad types
Image Source: Google Ads Help

2. Performance Max

Performance Max ads are a Google Ads campaign type designed to maximize your online reach across various Google platforms. These ads allow you to reach potential customers across Google Search, the Display Network, YouTube, and Discover feeds – no matter where they are in their online journey. Cohesive brand placement will reinforce your brand identity and boost brand recognition among potential customers, regardless of the platform they are using. Performance Max ads also leverage machine learning to optimize ads and allocate your budget to the best-performing channels. These ads best suit businesses seeking to drive conversions, generate leads or increase sales.

Device mockup with Google Ads Performance max ad types.
Image Source: Google Ads & Commerce Blog

3. Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) were introduced in 2018, but in mid-2022, they ultimately replaced expanded text ads. As more unique search queries increased year over year at Google, they introduced Responsive Search Ads to automatically identify the best combination of headlines and descriptions to deliver the right ad to the right person, phasing out expanded text ads.

RSAs empower marketers to create ads that adapt to different devices and are flexible to unique customer search queries. These ads automatically adjust their size, format, and headline combinations to cater to the user’s search intent. RSAs are particularly effective in improving ad relevance and driving higher click-through rates. By allowing multiple headline and description options, RSAs enable businesses to test different variations and optimize their messaging. They are valuable for businesses across various industries, especially those with extensive product or service offerings.

Beauty brand example of three different types of Google Responsive Search ads on cellphone
Image Source: Google Ads Help

Work with a Marketing Agency for Paid Advertising

Managing Google Ads campaigns can be complicated and time-consuming, requiring a deep understanding of paid advertising, audience targeting, ad optimization, and analytics. Marketing agencies like ours possess the knowledge and necessary experience to develop effective strategies and uncover opportunities for optimization. We stay updated with the latest trends and best practices to ensure your campaigns deliver optimal results giving you the time to focus on your primary business operations.

As your agency partner, we work closely with you to understand your business objectives to assign digital marketing goals and assign conversions to them. We conduct thorough research to identify your target audience and create campaigns to maximize ROI. By closely monitoring your advertising campaign performance, we make data-driven decisions to optimize your ads continuously. This ensures your campaigns remain effective and achieve the desired outcomes.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Advertising on Google

Advertising with Google Ads offers businesses opportunities to expand their reach, engage with potential customers, and drive business growth in ways organic means cannot. The ad types we explored – Discovery Ads, Performance Max, and Responsive Search Ads – provide unique benefits depending on your business objectives. By partnering with a marketing agency like ours, you can leverage their expertise, save time, and access customized strategies that maximize the effectiveness of your paid advertising campaigns. Contact us today to learn about the power of Google advertising and unlock new reach for your business.

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