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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Dwight Zahringer

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Nothing has allowed data sharing and communication on a massive global scale, such as the benefits of cloud computing. It’s been two decades since the cloud “first appeared,” and we’re still discussing its benefits. Woof! Sums up everything about its success in connecting businesses. anywhere, anytime.

Cloud computing is the only omnipresent thing

If you’re wondering about cloud computing’s unique selling point, it’s its virtual omnipresent repository. No, the repository lacks heaven’s good food and wine. It’s a dockyard of applications, documents, and servers you can access remotely. You don’t have to install any plugins. Yes, very much like your Gmail and Google Drive.

But is the cloud worth the money and hype?

Absolutely! 85% of worldwide businesses already use the cloud to store necessary information. Moreover, 94% of the internet workload will be managed & processed on the cloud by the end of 2021. Does it sound like hype? No! Should you migrate your app to the cloud infrastructure? Yes!

These cloud computing benefits should make it easier for you to choose remote repositories…

Benefit #1: A robust work model keeps your business smooth and running

As I said, cloud computing is omnipresent. It means you can’t escape it. And your project partners can’t either. 😉

So it lets everyone work on the same project without too much hassle and glitches. There’s more transparency between teams and a low silo mentality. How does that help you? It runs your business effectively by collaborating with everyone under one big cloud!

Benefit #2: Scaling is not your headache

Depending on the growth graph, you may want to upscale or downscale your business, but these graphs can be dicey! They can make or break anytime, any hour of the day. You’ve to make infrastructure decisions faster to compensate for that.

From thereon, you have two options.

Either you handle the scaling yourself, including purchasing, system up-gradation, & installation, or let the cloud team handle it for you. Cloud has all the infrastructures ready for you. All you’ve to do is pick a plan, and you’re good to focus on your business! Why would you want to buy all the worries for no reason?

Benefit #3: Data security is not keeping you up at night

Okay, here’s the tricky question: would you like Google and Amazon to handle your data, or would you consider managing it yourself?

Of course, these open platforms might sound more susceptible to malicious attacks, but it’s not true. In fact, it’s really challenging to get into the cloud territory.

They protect your data with heavy encryption. That doesn’t mean the threat is not lingering around. But they’re much safer than your security set-up. Not to discount the stress you’ll run through every day.

Here’s an interesting stat for you: Cloud computing elevated 94% of businesses’ security. Should that include you?

Benefit #4: The entire world is your virtual office

Cloud computing kept the world’s engine running despite the pandemic eruption. If it were not for the clouds, millions of businesses would have been doomed!

That’s just one good example of how helpful the cloud is. It gives you immense flexibility to make the entire world a virtual office.

You have data access right at your home’s comfort or when you’re out on a recreational tour to Hawaii, whether you’re commuting to and from work or you’re off-site for any other reason. Cloud stays forever!

Benefit #5: Pay-as-you-go-model saves you plenty of dollars

Many businesses spend a lump sum on buying resources and infrastructures. I’m not sure it helps them as they’ve no clue what they receive against what they pay.

But cloud computing breaks down everything for you. Its “pay-as-you-go” model ensures you pay for precisely what you use. There are no hidden charges, and you know all your expenses right at the start of the month.

Paying for the features useful for you and your organizational structure helps with money optimization. So you can easily divert your spending to other facets of the business.

Bonus benefits of cloud computing

  • You have complete control over your business operations
  • Disaster recovery is a bit of a park walk for cloud computing
  • Automated infrastructure updates save you from tedious manual upgrades
  • You reduce your carbon footprint as the cloud walks you to a more sustainable workflow
  • It’ll be a piece of cake to manage your services

Final Words

As web-enabled devices in the world continue to grow, expect most businesses to go full-cloud. But the real question is: when do you move your business? Contact us to get started today.

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