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Executing ABM With HubSpot: A Comprehensive Guide, Part 2

Jailyn Glass, marketing manager at Perfect Afternoon
Jailyn Glass

Welcome to Part 2 of our series, where we’re going all-in on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with HubSpot. In this post, we’ll unveil advanced HubSpot strategies to supercharge your marketing initiatives and take your ABM campaigns to new heights. Additionally, we’ll explore key integrations to broaden the impact of your ABM efforts. Let’s jump right in!

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Executing Account-Based Marketing Campaigns with HubSpot

With these robust features in mind, let’s explore how to leverage HubSpot’s Sales Hub and Marketing Hub for your ABM initiatives:

Create a Target Account List

Build your target account list by utilizing AI-suggested target accounts, prospect insights from the prospecting tool, or importing target accounts via third-party integrations such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Track Account Activity

Gain insights into account activity through the overview panel. This feature provides a comprehensive view of interactions across the buying committee, ensuring that sales and marketing teams are well-informed about the state of each target account.

HubSpot Target Accounts-Based Marketing

Optimize Workflows

Label your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) tiers and buying roles with workflows, and use company lists to segment your target accounts and buying committees for effective company targeting in your campaigns.

Efficient Campaign Management

Plan and execute your ABM campaigns easily using HubSpot’s campaigns tool. You can incorporate social media, ads, landing pages, forms, emails, and more into a campaign to consolidate reporting and results across multiple assets.

Personalization & Engagement

Enhance your landing pages with smart content and A/B testing to offer a personalized experience. Implement chatbots to assist prospects in finding relevant information.

Continuous Segmentation and Optimization

Utilize workflows and third-party integrations to segment your lists and adjust account targeting based on engagement, intent, scoring, and more. Sync lifecycle stages with external ad platforms for improved AI optimization in your ad campaigns.

Automate Marketing Plays

Automate marketing plays based on buying roles, ICP tiers, buying stages, and more using workflows. Keep sales updated on account activity in real time through Slack integration.

Data Quality Assurance

Ensure data consistency between tools with the help of Operations Hub’s data quality features. Automate task assignments and notifications to streamline your sales team’s workload.

ABM HubSpot Workflows: Notify Your Sales Rep About a Lead

Effective Prospect Research

Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration within HubSpot for timely and relevant outreach by researching active prospects and accounts.

Sequences and Personalization

Enroll buying committee members into sequences based on a wide range of trigger options. Suggest content for sales based on prospect consumption history, enhancing the personalization of their journey. Incorporate HubSpot videos for a personalized touch in your sales outreach.

Offline Marketing and Gifting

Implement workflows and offline marketing integrations like to send gifts automatically to your buying committee. Consider the deal size, ICP tier, lifecycle, and deal stages.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Analyze data across the buyer’s journey through HubSpot’s reports and dashboards. Collaborate on campaign changes using the campaign tool, and implement optimizations directly from the HubSpot platform.

Expanding the HubSpot Ecosystem for ABM Campaigns

Supplement your ABM campaigns with these integrations to enhance your efforts:

Intent Signals:

  • ZoomInfo (Elite): Enrich contact data and leverage intent data for personalized targeting.
  • Bombora (Ads or CRM product): Access intent data and deploy B2B audiences on various networks.

Better Campaigns:

  • G2/Gartner Media: Utilize software review platforms to target prospects who have shown interest in your product or category.
  • Automate sending gifts to prospects based on their journey.
  • Postalytics: Deploy direct mail campaigns based on HubSpot workflows for top-of-funnel awareness.

If you’re running ABM campaigns, HubSpot is your comprehensive solution. It offers numerous benefits, including team consolidation, transparency, robust automation, extensive integrations, personalized customer journeys, native ABM tools, real-time analysis, and omnichannel activity tracking.

Account Based Marketing Tools

Consider Combining Inbound Marketing and ABM

Inbound marketing and ABM strategies complement each other seamlessly, both centered on customer delight and value delivery. The synergy between these approaches lies in:

  • Inbound’s customer-centric focus at every buyer journey stage.
  • ABM’s personalized approach at scale targets entire accounts and buying committees.
  • The alignment of sales and marketing for efficient lead prioritization.

Combining these practices creates a compelling customer experience that fosters engagement and trust.

HubSpot users have witnessed impressive results by combining the Marketing and Sales Hubs. Collaboration between sales and marketing has led to a 144% increase in closed deals after 12 months compared to scenarios where only one of the hubs was used.

These successful outcomes underscore the power of ABM, especially when integrated with inbound marketing within a streamlined system like HubSpot. It not only simplifies the process but also delivers exceptional results.

Elevate Your HubSpot ABM Campaigns with Perfect Afternoon Services

Executing successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns requires a deep understanding of strategy, tools, and seamless execution. At Perfect Afternoon, we specialize in harnessing the full potential of HubSpot’s ABM capabilities to drive results that matter to your business.

Our HubSpot Services for Account-Based Marketing include
  • ABM Strategy Development: Craft a customized ABM strategy aligned with your business goals and target audience. We’ll help you define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), build target account lists, and create personalized campaigns.
  • HubSpot Onboarding and Implementation: Ensure a smooth transition to HubSpot with our expert onboarding and implementation services. We’ll configure HubSpot to meet your ABM needs, integrate it with essential tools, and train your team for success.
  • Workflow Automation: Maximize efficiency with automated workflows that handle lead scoring, segmentation, and personalized content delivery. Our automation solutions streamline your ABM efforts, saving time and resources.
  • Personalization and Content Strategy: Craft compelling content tailored to your target accounts and buying committees. We’ll help you implement personalization tactics and A/B testing to drive engagement.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your ABM campaigns with customized reports and dashboards. Measure the impact of your efforts, optimize strategies, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Seamless Sales and Marketing Alignment: Foster collaboration between your sales and marketing teams to ensure smooth handoffs, clear communication, and real-time updates on account activity.
Ready to take your HubSpot ABM initiatives to the next level?

Partner with Perfect Afternoon for HubSpot-powered ABM success. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your ABM game and drive exceptional results.

Remember, in the world of ABM, precision and expertise are critical. With Perfect Afternoon as your partner, you’ll have the support you need to execute successful ABM campaigns and unlock the full potential of HubSpot’s capabilities. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your marketing and sales efforts with ABM excellence.

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