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Boost Your Social Media Conversions

Dwight Zahringer

Boost Your Social Media Conversions With These 4 Time-Tested Tips

If you don’t use social media for your marketing efforts, you’re missing out on boatloads of conversion opportunities. 

The catch is that successfully converting passive social media audiences into paying and even loyal customers can be easier said than done. 

You need to develop a solid strategy and leverage the top social media marketing tools that can best support your initiatives and help you meet your social media conversion goals. 

Fortunately, there are tried and tested tactics to kick your efforts to boost your social media conversions into gear, starting with these four tips. 

Use videos to get more eyeballs on your social promotions

Posting videos is one of the best ways to draw your social media audiences’ attention to your content, brand, and promotions. 

Videos are easier to consume than text-based content, making these excellent formats to engage your followers and, in turn, drive conversions.    

Create social media videos that inform, entertain, educate, or showcase your brand, products, and other content. It can help draw more eyeballs to your promotions and offers while engaging your audience. 

The following are some of the social media videos you can create and share for higher engagement and conversions.

  • Feature and product videos. Post videos that highlight your product or specific features. If you’re a B2B company that provides top-tier prototyping tools, you could share a short clip showing your software’s unique or new features.
Boost Your Social Media Conversions

For instance, the software program Zoom posts TikTok videos showcasing the app’s Breakout Rooms features.

Informal social media videos can come off as more authentic than ads, encouraging people to engage with your content and ultimately buy. 

  • Behind-the-scenes clips. Highlight your company culture and build trust with your audiences by sharing behind-the-scenes footage showing the people or process behind your business. 

For example, office tours, product development stages, backstage passes, etc., can be excellent materials for BTS videos. These videos can help you connect with your audience better, boosting engagement and conversions. 

Publish other social media videos for higher social media conversions, including video ads, Instagram and Facebook Live, User-Generated Content (UGC), and more. 

Include compelling CTAs

A Call-to-Action (CTA) can tell your social media audiences what to do next. It can entice them to act on your offers and ultimately convert. 

Your CTAs need to be compelling enough to get people to engage with your content, subscribe to your channel, and buy. 

Write catchy CTAs with these tips. 

  • Evoke a sense of urgency. Entice your audiences to act now by adding a sense of urgency to your CTAs. 

For instance, use words such as “Get yours now,” when running a seasonal items sale or “Limited slots. Sign up now” when promoting your business events through social media.  

  • Use actionable language. Draw action from your potential customers by using action words such as “Find,” “Explore,” and “Discover” in your CTAs. 

Weaving actionable language into your CTAs (and content) can inspire audiences to act on your offers. It’s also one of the effective ways to increase social media engagement

  • Tailor CTAs to each social media platform. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms have unique features and specific audience groups, making it crucial to use the appropriate CTA for each channel.

For instance, you could use a fun, casual tone and language for your Instagram CTAs, and a more formal one for LinkedIn.  

Provide a seamless landing page experience

Giving social media audiences seamless experiences with your brand can boost your conversions.

After all, memorable and convenient experiences across your social media channels make it easier for audiences to remember your brand. It can also put your brand in a positive light, helping you build trust with potential customers. 

One way of providing a seamless experience for your social media audiences is to optimize your landing pages. 

Think about how users typically browse Instagram, tapping and swiping to move from point A to B. Adopt the same principle when designing your social landing pages, making them easy to navigate with minimal interruptions. 

Start by creating easy-to-view and access social media landing pages. 

For instance, Bose’s Instagram bio includes a link that leads users directly to a dedicated landing page. 

Image source:
Image source:

Visitors can click on each image and land directly on the product page. 

The landing page is image-based, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing, encouraging visitors to click and explore. It’s also swipeable and scrollable, which is great for mobile shoppers. 

B2B companies selling SEO articles online can even adopt this same landing page design and structure to generate leads and boost conversions. 

Additionally, split test your social media landing page and check for mobile-friendliness to help improve your conversion strategies and optimize your content.  

Winning over customers and boosting conversions across social media platforms can take a lot of experimenting and tweaking, especially in a dynamic and rapidly changing market

You’ll need to know the latest trends and understand changing customer needs and preferences to keep up.  

Use social listening to stay up-to-date and understand what your target audiences want and expect from your business. It can help inform and improve your engagement, content, and conversion strategies and maintain your social media presence. 

Popular social listening tools can help you track and uncover what customers say about your brand, giving you valuable insights that directly influence your social media marketing strategies.  

Also, use the insights from robust big data analytics tools, such as marketing trends and consumer buying behaviors, with your social listening data to help refine your overall marketing and conversion strategies.  

Skyrocket your social media conversion rates

Getting boatloads of conversions from your social media marketing efforts doesn’t happen by accident. 

You need to put in the work, use the best-fitting tools, and develop a solid social media conversion strategy to turn passive audiences into paying customers. 

Learn from the tips in this guide and eliminate guesswork. Leverage tried and true tactics and implement data-backed approaches to get your expected results.  

Primary Image Source: Envato Elements

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