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How Digital Marketing & IT Solutions Can Increase Sales Panel Event

Nov. 11, 2021 | Perfect Afternoon

Perfect Afternoon and Awwcomm had the honor to co-host a digital marketing and IT solutions panel at the Detroit Athletic Club. Business owners and professionals from multiple industries, all looking for solutions to improve their customer journey and sales, gathered to hear the panel. It was a night that brought a lot of great minds together in one room.

digital marketing and it solutions networking
Guest network during the Digital Marketing and IT Solutions Panel

Guests were encouraged to network with others before the panel discussion over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Names, handshakes, and business cards were exchanged as the guests made their rounds. The variety of industries represented allowed guests to get insight into similar or different problems other industries may be facing from each other. Ultimately though, it was the digital marketing and IT solutions shared by the panelists that captured the guests’ attention.

The Digital Marketing and IT Solutions Panel

All businesses face challenges that could potentially be solved or limited by technology. Often they don’t have the internal staff, funds, or just even knowledge that these options exist. Two industries that make their money on addressing and solving problems are digital marketing and IT solutions. This is why we brought four panelists that can explain how they have overcome their business challenges with the use of digital tools and technology. The panelists included:

  • Dwight Zahringer: Founder
  • Brent Yax: CEO of Awecomm
  • Mike Lotito: President of CPA Nerds
  • Dani Munch: Marketing Director of Gougeon Brothers

Both Mike and Dani explained how they utilize modern marketing tools, such as SEO, automation marketing, audience segmentation, CRMs, and the help of PA and Awwecomm to solve their business challenges. They both also stressed the importance of data collection whether it be website analytics, customer email, and sales data to help you identify qualified leads.

digital marketing and it solutions panelists
Brent Yax, Dwight Zahringer, Dani Munch, Mike Lotito

Dwight and Brent expanded upon that as to how, where, and when to use that data. From a digital marketing standpoint, website analytics can be used to identify numerous gaps or opportunities for improvement on search engines. On the IT solutions side of things, funnel segmentation can help provide more qualified leads and filter out the non-qualified.

The panel continued with multiple guests asking questions to get even more insight from the panelists. As the panel came to end, guests had a better understanding of the digital marketing and IT solutions technologies at their fingertips. Once the event concluded, guests were encouraged to stick around for further networking and ask any questions.

More Events

Understanding there is a need for information out there and that we have that information to share, we look to host more of these events in the future. Also, we would like to thank Awecomm and all the guests for attending this informational event.

We hope you were able to gain some insight on how to solve your business challenges. To get started, we would like to offer you a free website audit for attending the event. Expect to hear from one of our Account Managers in the near future.

If you have any questions about the event or would like to follow up with one of our Account Managers, you can contact us. If you missed the event, no worries – you can still reach out to our team for insights and consulting.

We’d be happy to assist you!