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How to Build Your Start-up’s Online Presence in 2020

Jun. 02, 2020 | Dwight Zahringer

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Online Presence Strategy

This year will go down as a tricky one for all businesses—large and small. For incumbent businesses, there’s been a huge downturn in the business they’re able to generate from week to week; for start-ups, ambitious scaling plans have been scrapped in favor of slower, more deliberate steps towards market success. It’s the latter type of business that this article focuses on, looking at how start-ups can build an online presence in 2020 in order to launch into trading as soon as the COIVD-19 lockdown is over and the global economy restarts.

Online Presence StrategyBuild Out the Necessary Skills

Your first objective is to bring onto your team a number of individuals who possess the skills that you need in order to create a website, create high-quality content, and to market that content most effectively. This may take time, but once you’ve got these team members on board, they’ll prove invaluable for the path ahead.

It’s worth setting up in a small office so that your team can interact on a daily basis after the lockdown. You can find a Los Angeles coworking space online, or you can search through shared office facilities in order to find the right fit for your business. Building your team and the skills it contains is an essential part of a start-up’s lifecycle and requires you to invest in key skills in order to help you market your enterprise.

Invest in Your Website

It’s on your website that your consumers will learn about your products or your services. It’s also where you’ll share press releases and other information about your business—and it’s where you’ll route all of your social media and marketing materials to. As such, your website needs to be of the very highest quality in order to achieve the following:

  • Be trustworthy in the eyes of the consumers who land on your website
  • Show off your services and products in the most streamlined and simple fashion
  • Direct consumers to your payment and purchase pages to help convert them to customers
  • Share interesting and useful information about your team and your success rates over time

With this in mind, it’s important that you build the most professional website possible for your start-up: you’re judged on your online presence, so you’ll need to invest in how your website looks and feels.

Launch Your First Campaign

Finally, it’s time to build your web presence with your first ever digital marketing campaign. This may be a small-scale project before you launch a larger campaign in the future. For your first campaign, you need to focus on your ROI and your target consumer: you need to know that your marketing campaign will deliver your business—and the right kind of business to power your growth.

As such, before conducting any digital marketing campaign, it’s worth your and your team’s time to invest in your content, to invest in market research, and to consider how much of an investment to make in paid advertisements. Once you’ve understood the costs and the benefits of marketing your website, you’ll be able to build your web presence effectively in 2020.

Bring new customers to your start-up enterprise’s website by following the simple steps outlined above. Improve your online presence strategy today with the help of Perfect Afternoon.

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