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4 Ps of Marketing – Understanding The Marketing Mix

May. 23, 2019 | Jailyn Glass

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Understanding the 4 Ps of Marketing

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Marketing plans ensure you’ve put a systematic approach in place to develop your business products and services. You must be clear about your objectives and how to achieve them. A good marketing plan will set clear, realistic, and, most importantly, measurable goals.

At the heart of marketing are specific principles to cover in/with all creative visuals and messaging. The 4 Ps of Marketing is essential to define when you begin showcasing your products and services.


The first P is crucial to create a marketing plan. Products and services are the base of your business’s selling to its audience(s). Products are tangible items consumers can purchase from companies or even receive digitally from an eCommerce sale. A service indicates a physical activity performed to meet a need or solve a problem. Both of these items classify as purchasable items for consumers.


Setting a price ensures your business impacts its profit margins, supply, and demand. This decision is entirely up to the business and how it will affect its aforementioned items and marketing strategy. When determining your price, consider who you want your target audience to be and if this price point would appeal to or deter them from purchasing from your business. This also helps with the following two steps to ensure your marketing plan will work and bring conversions as goals are accomplished.

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“The right product, at the right price, at the right time.”


This is where businesses and digital marketing agencies gain creative freedom. Enlisting help from digital marketing agencies allows many ideas to flow and become a reality. As audiences’ attention spans become shorter each day, creating a plan to grab their attention should be the main goal. Implementing social, digital, and email campaigns and content marketing are some of the many ideas businesses use to persuade their audience to buy their products and services.


Lastly, the fourth P, place, represents where your business will sell or promote its products or services. Storefronts, pop-up shops, warehouses, retailers, or simply online are all possible options for businesses to get their products and services to their audience. Ideally, businesses want to strategize on the best location for their audience to reach as many conversions and goals as possible.

Bonus P: Passion

One of Perfect Afternoon’s values is passion. As a web development and digital marketing agency, we invoke conviction and enthusiasm in our work for our partners. We look at each project as a blank canvas with endless possibilities. Our entire team values what we do and takes pride in our creativity. Including this P in with the others helped us make this marketing plan come full circle.

It’s important for marketing agencies and departments to realize many factors can impact a sale’s life-cycle for their audience/consumers. Other Ps, such as people, persuasion, personality, persistence, and many others, can constantly improve your sales cycles and increase your audience knowledge.

How To Use The 4 Ps Of Marketing

Each of the 4 Ps contributes to bringing clarity to your marketing efforts, which gets everyone on the same page for cohesion. They will ultimately serve as a guide to your overall business strategy. 

Once you define your 4 Ps, your business can have a streamlined approach that aligns with your goals. The position you are looking to take will now be easily explained to new hires instead of solely being dependent on any member of your marketing team. 

Using the four Ps, you can help to answer critical questions that are at the core of your business, including:

  • What do your customers want from you?
  • How do your products or services meet their needs?
  • How does your team communicate with customers?
  • How can you stand out from your competitors?
  • How do customers perceive your products or business?
  • What are your business’s positioning and values?

Are You Ready To Reach Your Goals?

Our dedicated marketing team can assist you in defining your business’s 4 Ps of marketing and setting you apart from your competitors. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your goals!

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