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Digital Marketing Update & Big Brands Quitting Social

May. 08, 2019 | Jailyn Glass

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Why Are Big Brands Quitting Social Media?

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Today’s episode of 301: The Redirect brings you the latest digital marketing industry updates, including changes to Facebook Business Manager, Google’s Smart Bidding, and a recent announcement from UK cosmetics company, LUSH.

In recent years, a notable shift has occurred in the digital marketing strategies of big brands, with many choosing to reduce their presence on social media or abandon it altogether. This trend raises the question: Why are big brands quitting social media? While the “Perfect Afternoon” podcast may offer specific insights and expert opinions, the reasons for this shift are multifaceted and worth exploring.

Reevaluation of Brand Values and Audience Engagement: Brands are increasingly focusing on aligning their online presence with their core values and seeking more meaningful ways to engage with their audience. Social media’s fast-paced and often superficial interaction may not always be the best fit for deeper brand-consumer relationships.

Concerns Over Brand Safety and Environment: The unpredictable nature of social media, including negative comments and brand safety concerns in unmoderated environments, has led some brands to seek more controlled platforms where they can ensure a positive and safe space for their audience.

The Quest for More Effective Channels: While social media offers broad reach, its effectiveness for driving sales or meaningful engagement has been questioned. Brands are exploring alternative digital marketing strategies and channels that offer higher conversion rates and a better ROI, such as email marketing, SEO, and dedicated apps.

Data Privacy and Algorithm Changes: Increasing concerns over data privacy and frequent changes in social media algorithms, which affect how content is displayed to users, have made it challenging for brands to consistently reach their audience without significant investment in paid advertising.

Seeking Authenticity: There’s a growing desire among brands to establish more authentic and personal connections with their customers. This has led to the exploration of community-driven platforms and forums where brands can engage in more genuine and impactful conversations.

So why leave social media? The the decision for big brands to step back from social media is driven by a complex mix of strategic reevaluation, concerns over brand safety, the search for more effective communication channels, and a desire for greater authenticity in customer engagement. As brands navigate these challenges, they are finding innovative ways to connect with their audiences, prioritizing long-term relationships and brand loyalty over the broad but shallow reach of traditional social media platforms.